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January 16, 2017 (Monday)
Rabi-al-Thani 18, 1438 AH

Date by Fiqh Council
of N. America and ISNA
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A book, "Muslim Names" written by Khalid Shaukat of Moonsighting.com helps you choose names for babies.

Another book, "Fajr & Isha" written Khalid Shaukat on "How to Calculate Fajr & Isha".

A third book, "Memoirs of Prophet Muhammad's Life" by Khalid Shaukat shows actual dates for important events in Prophet's life.        See details of all three books. Click here

The earliest reported sighting of the new crescent was on Dec 30, 2016 from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

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With a powerful telescope and a double field-flattener binoculars you'll be able to see quite distant images in the skies.
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