Moonsighting for Jumada-al-Oola 1437
1437 AH

Al Urjoonul Qadeem of Rabi-al-Thani 1437

On the morning of Sunday, Febroary 7, 2015, this photo was taken by Br. Mohamed Hussain of Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli, India 0842'51"N :& Long: 7744'26"E ). Time: 06:08 am local time. The illumination was about 3%; the Altitude was 12.5 & horns were at 4 & 9 positions.
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The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) is on February 8, 2016 (Monday) at 14:38 UT. On February 8, there is no possibility to see this moon, except by telescope in California and Hawaii. On February 9, 2016 (Tuesday) the moon can be easily seen in Indo-Pak, Europe, and all Americas; this moon may be seen with difficuly in Indonesia. On February 10, 2016 (Wednesday), the moon can be easily seen in New Zealand and Australia (See visibility curves).

The earliest reported sighting of the new crescent was on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 from Malawi.

February 8, 2016 (Monday):

  • USA:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Jim Stamm from Tucson AZ reported: On Monday; February 08, 2016, here in Tucson, Arizona (USA), I was NOT able to see the crescent, even through a telescope. There were two elements that prevented me from getting the most precise position. I only used the sun to offset to the moon's location, and I failed to precisely level the tripod. Temperature = 74 F; Dew Point = 20 F; Pressure = 30.07 in. The sky was so superb that I was able to see the clouds in the west that are usually invisible. Sunset (at sea level) = 18:08: Moonset (at sea level) = 18:35: Age of new moon at 18:20 = 11 hr. 50 min. Moon lag time = 27 min. Relative Altitude = 5.3 degrees. Elongation from sun = 5.4 degrees.

February 9, 2016 (Tuesday):

  • Australia:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Engr Manzoor A Mian from Melbourne, VIC reported: The crescent was NOT sighted in Melbourne as well as anywhere in Australia today Tuesday 9/2/16 therefore the 1st day of Jumadil Awwal 1437 is Thursday, the 11th of February, 2016.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Moussa Khalife from Sydney, NSW reported: On Tuesday 9th of February 2016, the moon was not sighted at all and the sky was clear, so tomorrow Wednesday 10th of February is last day of rabie al-thani.

    3. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Abul Qasim Rizvi, Imam Panjtan Society of Victoria reported: On Tuesday 9th of February 2016, the crescent was NOT sighted in Melbourne as well as anywhere. No news of sighting from other cities in Australia. Inshallah tomorrow 10/02/2016 will be 30th Rabiul Thani, and 1st day of Jumada al-Awwal 1437 is Thursday, the 11th of February, 2016.

    4. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Shabbir Ahmed, The president of Al- Tadhkeer Society, Sydney, NSW reported: The Hilal of Jamaadiyul Oulaa has NOT been sighted anywhere in Australia, although in some states weather conditions were very clear. Therefore the month of Jamaadiyul Oulaa will commence from Thursday, 11/02/2016.

  • Barbados:

    1. Seen: MCW member Mr Mohammed Patel from from Jama Masjid Bridgetown reported: Today Tuesday 9th February 2016, crescent was SEEN. Orientation:4 o'clock to 8 o'clock. Sighted at approximately 6:18 p.m. Barbados time (UTC 22:18). Sky conditions: Clear with a slight haze. This meant we had 29 days of Rabi-al-Thani. Insha'Allah The 1st of Jumada-al-Oola will be on Wednesday 10th February.

  • Egypt:

    1. Not Seen (Clouds): MCW member Dr Hisham M. Hamed from Cairo reported: Tuesday, Feb 9th, Hilal Of Jumada I was NOT SEEN (Obscured by clouds). Apparent sunset was at ~17:38 PM local time. Temperature was ~15'C. The entire south west horizon was obscured by thick clouds up to about 11 degrees of altitude. The crescent was expected at an altitude of ~8.5 degrees at 17:58.

  • Ghana:

    1. Not Seen: (Hazy & Dusty)MCW member Mr Baba Abdulai from Tamale reported: Date of sighting effort; Tuesday February 9, 2016. The crescent was NOT seen in this location. I was at the sighting post between 18:10 to about 18:40 but I did not see the crescent. The sky was very hazy with dust all around. I could barely see the stars above my head. In the western horizon itself, I could not even see any star. With about 28 hours after conjunction and a one hour moon lag time, I actually expected that I would see the crescent. Maybe the dusty and hazy atmosphere denied me. And Allaah (SWT) Knows Best. Sighting location; Tiyumba School Park, (near Lowlandi Rice Processing Centre), Tamale.

  • Morocco:

    1. Seen: MCW member Mr Ehsan H. Hajar from Casablanca reported: Glad to announce seeing the Hilal of JMO from my location in Casablanca on Feb 9. It was ideal CONDITIONS to locate the new crescent by naked eyes 20 minutes after SS (Local Prayer time around 18:13). Sky was clear: Viability :>> 10 km: Horns tips @4&7: Temp. 15C: Dew point : 12 c: Humidity: 80%:
      Officially, the ministry announced that Wed. February 10th WILL BE first day of JOUMADA el- Oula.

    2. Seen: MCW member Mr Zakaria Guelzim from Rabat reported: This is to inform you that I was able to sight the new crescent of Joumada I, 1437 after Maghrib of Tuesday 9 February 2016 in the region of Rabat, Morocco. The crescent was very visible with naked eyes at 18:30 and the crescent horns were from 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock. the sun set was at 18:10.

  • Sri Lanka:

    1. Not Seen (Cloudy): MCW member Mr Nular Bary from Colombo reported: Today 29th Rabi-al-Thani 1437H (9/2/2016) evening the Colombo western sky was cloudy and couldn't see the new Moon and no positive sighting reported to our Hillal committee from any part of Sri Lanka. Hence The Colombo Grand Mosque Hillal Committee decided to complete the month of Rabi-Al-Thani with 30days and start the month of Jumada-Al-Oola on Thursday 11th. February 2016 "In Sha Allah"

  • Tanzania:

    1. Seen: MCW member Mr Hamza Rijal from Tiny Island of Zanzibar reported: I would like to acknowledge that in tiny island of Zanzibar, Hilla has been sighted on number of places on the evening of 9th February 2016 even though condition was hazy in Zanzibar Western region. Today 10 of February 2016 is the first day of Jumaada al- Awal. This report has been also approved by Zanzibar Mufti Office

  • Trinidad and Tobago:

    1. Seen: MCW member Umar Abdullah from Bon Accord, Tobago reported: The crescent moon to commence the month of Djumada l-Ula 1437 AH was looked for after the sunset of Tuesday 9th February 2016. Reports from all committees locally and regional confirm that the moon was SIGHTED. We have accepted these reports and have declared that the month of Rabi Al-Akhar 1437 AH will complete 29 days and the 1st night of Djumada l-Ula 1437 AH will be the night of Tuesday 9th February 2016 and the first day of Djumadal-Ula 1437 AH will be Wednesday, 10th February 2016. Location: lat: 10 35 long: 61 21: Time of Sunset: 6.09pm: Time of first appearance of the crescent was 06.17pm: Pressure: 1015 mbar: Temperature: 27 C: Relative humidity: 70%:

  • USA:

    1. Seen: MCW member Mr Al Aminour Rashid from Houston TX reported: On Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016 the moon was Seen easily. Moon was long time in the sky (about 45 minutes after sunset).

    2. Seen (in other locations): MCW member Mr Shahnoor Syed from Mahdavia Ruiyat-e-Hilal, Chicago, IL reported: We have received positive moon sighting reports from our volunteers from Washington, DC and Memphis, TN after Maghrib on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Wednesday, February 10, 2016 is the 1st of Jamadi-ul- Awwal 1437H.

  • Zimbabwe:

    1. Not Seen (Cloudy)(but seen in neighboring country Malawi): MCW member Mr Ayub Mahomed from Harare reported: On Tuesday, Feb 9, moon was not seen in Zimbabwe due to cloudy conditions but based on sighting in Malawi tomorrow Wednesday 10 March is 1st Jamadiul ula Inshallah.

February 10, 2016 (Wednesday):

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