Moonsighting for Safar 1437
1437 AH

Al urjoonal qadeem of Muharram 1437

Here is the Photo of Al urjoonal qadeem for Muharram on Tuesday, 10th Nov 2015 at 05:36 IST by Mohamed Hussain, Shanti Nagar, Palayamkottai, TIRUNELVELI (India).
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The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) is on November 11, 2015 (Wednesday) at 17:47 UT. On November 11, the moon cannot be seen anywhere in the world. On November 12, the moon can be seen in Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Americas. On November 13, the moon can be seen in the rest of the world (See visibility curves below).

The earliest reported sighting of the new crescent was on November 12, 2015 from Casablanca, Morocco.

November 11, 2015 (Wednesday):

    No Moonsighting reports are expected

November 12, 2015 (Thursday):

  • Australia:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Shabbir Ahmed, The president of Al- Tadhkeer Society, Sydney, NSW reported: The Hilaal of SAFAR has NOT been sighted anywhere in Australia on Thursday 12th of November 2015. As a result, the month of SAFAR will commence as of Saturday 14th November 2015.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Abul Qasim Rizvi, Imam Panjtan Society of Victoria reported: On Thursday, Nov 12th We tried to get news of moon sighting but The Moon For the month of Safar has not been sighted anywhere in Australia. Inshallah Sarurday 14 November 2015 will be first of Safar 1437 AH.

  • Egypt:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Dr Hisham M. Hamed from Cairo reported: On Thursday, Nov 12th, sunset was at 17:01, visibility was very good. I observed the crescent at sunset, to no avail. I tried again at 17:20. Best time was 17:21, according to Mooncalc6. Again there was no sign of it. Considering that the Moon was only less than 0.9% illuminated, according to MICA 2.2.2, this comes as no surprise.

  • Ghana:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Baba Abdulai from Tamale reported: On Thursday November 12, 2015, the crescent was NOT seen in this location. The sky was largely hazy per my observation. Sighting effort was made between 17:42 and 18:12 local time. The sky was so hazy that I could not even see the usual stars that appear soon after sunset. Due to the haze, I even had difficulty figuring out the exact area around which the sun had set until I saw a slightly brighter portion in the West-South-West Direction (And Allaah (SWT) Knows Best). Sighting community; Tampei-Kukuo Yepalsi, Near Bi-Water Reservoir, Tamale.

  • India:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Siddik Nadvi (Nida-e-Haram), from Ahmedabad, Gujrat reported: Today Thursday 12th November 2015 = 29 Muharam 1437 Hijri, we tried to see the crescent of Safar 1437 Hijri at our Institute JAMIA KANZUL ULOOM from 6.00 pm to 6.20 pm. The crescent was not seen.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Molvi Iqbalhusen Bokda from Godhra, Gujrat reported: Moon for Safar 1437 was not sighted today on 12th November here in Godhra. Sky was clear. Almost all moon committees declared that crescent was not seen in India. So it will be 30th Muharram on Friday 13th November.

  • Indonesia:

    1. Not Seen (Cloudy & Rainy): MCW member Mr Ishaq Zunaedi from Tangerang Selatan, Banten reported: On Thursday, November 12, 2015 Hilal was NOT seen. Sky conditions: Cloud & rainy.

  • Morocco:

    1. Seen: MCW member Mr Ehsan H. Hajar from Casablanca reported: Casablanca wet horizon & low clouds covering most of the western sky did not Reveal any sighting by me , but Habous ministry with hundred of different sighting centers across the kingdom has published & confirmed sighting of the new crescent. Hence they announced officially Friday Nov 13th as beginning month of Safar 1437.

    2. Seen: MCW member Mr Zakaria Guelzim from Rabat reported: In a statement, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs of Morocco said that the observation of the new moon of the month of Safar 1437 AH , was confirmed in the evening of Thursday, 29 Muharram 1437 AH corresponding to 12 November 2015. Therefore, 1 Safar 1437 correspond on Friday, November 13, 2015 .

  • South Africa:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Molvi Ashraf Dockrat from Pretoria reported: Due to no confirmed sighting in South Africa, UUCSA has determined Muharram lasts 30 days. 1st Safar 1437 therefore falls on Sat 14 Nov 2015

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Rashid Motala from Durban reported: On the evening of Thursday 12th November 2015, the Hilaal was NOT sighted in South Africa. Safar 1437 will commence on Saturday, 14th November 2015 in South Africa.

  • Sri Lanka:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Suhail Patel from Colombo reported: Today 29th of Muharram 1437H (Thursday, November 12, 2015) in Sri Lanka, the Hilaal was not sighted therefore Muharram will complete 30 days.

    2. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Nular Bary from Colombo reported: Today 29th of Muharram 1437H (Thursday, November 12, 2015), it was cloudy evening in Colombo. Anyway I tried to sight the new Moon of Safar 1437 today just after Maharib (5:57Pm). The western sky was covered with heavy clouds. I couldn't see even a star in the sky till 7 Pm and no positive report received from any other location of Sri Lanka to our Colombo Grand Mosque Hillal Committee. Hence we'll complete the month of Muharram with 30 days and start the month of Safar on 14th Saturday November 2015 "In Sha Allah".

    3. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Abdurrrahman Razeen from Colombo reported: Today 12-10 2015=29-1-1437H is the sighting day for the Month of Safar in Srilanka.The parameter's of the crescent are Lag=38mnts,Altitude=7deg,R.Azimuth=0deg,Result of the naked eye sighting=need optical aid to detect the crescent if the atmosphere is clear. My frequent sighting location is Colombo-04. Due to the absent of the president Moulana Riyal (Baari) of the Hilal Committee of C.G.M. I have to attend the meeting.Today it was presided by Moulana Thasleem (Baari) along with Moulana Rila (Hasani) and Moulana Mazeen (Hasani).Due to overcast right all over the country it was reported negative sighting from the authority sighting groups.Hence it was declared to complete the month of Muharram 30 days and the first day of the month of Safar begins on Saturday 14th of November 2015.

  • Trinidad and Tobago:

    1. Seen: MCW member Umar Abdullah from Bon Accord, Tobago reported: The crescent moon to commence the month of Safar 1437 AH was looked for after the sunset of Thursday 12th November 2015. Reports from committees locally and regionally confirmed that the moon was SIGHTED. The month of Muharram 1437 AH has completed 29 days and the first day of Safar 1437 AH is Friday 13th Nov 2015.

  • USA:

    1. Seen: MCW member Mr Justin Ducote from Irvine CA reported: On Thursday 12 November 2015, the sky conditions were nearly clear with some typical haze covering the western horizon. The crescent was seen at 5:30 pm PDT (GMT-7) by 2 individuals. The crescent was easily visible by both parties against the orange horizon. It was still above the thick murky layer of haze that is typical for this locality. After sighting the moon with the naked eye, we looked at it through 7 power binoculars. It was a very thin whispy crescent with the horns about 3 oclock and 7 oclock.

    2. Seen: MCW member Dr Javad Torabinejad from Blacksburg VA reported: This evening (Thursday, November 12, 2015), the crescent moon was sighted in Blacksburg, VA (Lat: 37 15' 40" N, Lng: 80 26' 56" W, and elevation: 646 meters). I arrived at my sighting location (the Blacksburg Middle School) at 5:17 pm EST (sunset: 5:13 pm). Using a pair of binoculars (7X50), I scanned the mostly clear western horizon. My first binocular sighting was at 5:30 pm. At 5:32 pm, the crescent was seen with naked eye. The horns were at 3:00 and 7:00 O'clock (3:00;5:00;7:00). I left the area at 6:00 pm when moon was still about 1.5 degrees above the horizon (moonset: 6:14 pm). At 5:35 pm, the temperature, dew point, relative humidity, and pressure were 62.6 F, 35.2 F, 36%, and 29.81 in, respectively.

    3. Seen: MCW member Mr Shahnoor Syed from Mahdavia Ruiyat-e-Hilal, Chicago, IL reported: As per the Declaration of Peer o Murshid Hazrat Moulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla, Hilal of Safar 1437H was sighted at multiple locations in California on the 29th of Muharram . Mr. Rafi ul Haq, along with sons Zaki ul Haq, Razi ul Haq,Sami ul Haq other family members saw the Hilal at Los Angeles and gave testimony to Murshid Qibla. Consequently, the 1st Day of Safar 1437H will be on Friday, November 13, 2015.

    4. Seen: MCW member Mr Mirza Shahid Basravi from Irvine CA reported: On November 12, 2015, the crescent was SEEN. Since it was going to be a easy to sight crescent and the western Sky was very clear here in Southern California, I went out to see the crescent after 5:30 PM. The crescent was readily and easily visible in Irvine, Ca. The tip of the crescent was pointing to 2 O'clock and 8 O'clock on the imaginary clock in the sky.

    5. Seen: MCW member Mr Mohammad Naeem from Fullerton CA reported: I saw new moon on November 12 @5:14 in Foot Hill Ranch, Ca 92610. It was very dim and hard to find in the sky. I was keeping eye till it set around 5:39PM in orange horizon. Here the sunset time was 4:49PM and Moonset time was 6:03PM. The horn of the moon was between 2 and 3, and 7 and 8.

  • Zimbabwe:

    1. Not Seen: MCW member Mr Ayub Mahomed from Harare reported: Moon was not sighted in Zimbabwe on Thursday, November 12. 1st Safar will be on Saturday 14th November 2015.

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