Full Moon/Eclipse on the next day of Eidul Ad'ha

IRSHAD SAIT N. M., (Chief Editor)

You might be shocked at the title "Full Moon/Eclipse on the next day of Eidul Ad'ha !!”. Yes, It is the truth.

Saudi Arabia, 65 countries and Hijri Committee of India celebrated Eidul Ad’ha on Saturday (Oct 4, 2014). Whereas nearly 15 countries had the Eid on Sunday (Oct 5, 2014) and nearly 5 countries had it on Monday (October 6, 2014). But, Amini Islands & Kadamat Islands in Lakhsadweep (India) created a record by celebrating Eidul Ad’ha on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 !! On the next day of Eid, Wednesday, the Muslims of these Islands witnessed Full Moon !! The World witnessed Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, October 8, 2018 !! It is not that these Islands did not have any telecommunication links with the Main-land. In fact, they have many of the modern gadgets including Mobile, Internet etc. Then how come these Islands celebrated the Eid on Tuesday even when Kerala State had it on Sunday & other nearby Islands had Eid on Monday ?? Why Muslims of these Islands had it on Tuesday which was actually the last day of Ayaamu Tashreeq ??

The reason for such a mockery at the tenets of Islam was the adamant and arrogant stance taken by the local Qaazis who insisted on seeing the moon by their naked eyes in order to start the month of Zul Hijjah. The previous months too were not started on the correct days as the Qaazis insisted on seeing the hilaal, which was impossible due to rainy season!! They saw the first moon of Zul Hijjah only on Sunday (28 Sep) and accordingly observed the “Fast of Arafaah” on Monday (6th Oct) and “celebrated” Eid on Tuesday (7 Oct) !! They also had ample time, nearly 10 days to verify the correct date from many sources. They did not find it necessary !! They also did not acknowledge their error nor repented even after seeing the Full Moon on the following day !!!??? This episode is another stark evidence that the Ruyi’ah (starting of new month after seeing the moon with naked eye at west) is not what the Prophet (Sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) has taught us nor Noble Qur’aan teaches us with regard to starting of the new month.

Noble Qur’aan clearly says that the Ahillah are the dates for Mankind and that the manaazil of moon which determine the Ahillah were decreed by Almighty Allaah on the very day of creation. Please note that the words used by Almighty Allaah with “Manaazil” are “Qaddarahu, Qadaar-naahu” which manifest the magnitude of precise dating system prescribed by Almighty Allaah. How can any sane man say that the clouds or eye-sight or pollution can modulate or adjust or change the manaazil which Allaah has brought under His Qadar ??? Islaam prescribes for the whole world one single calendar which has dates tallying exactly with moon phases as told in Noble Quraan 2:189. May Almighty keep all of us in the Right Path. Aameen!