Why are Islamic Dates in a Mess?

IRSHAD SAIT N. M., (Chief Editor)

Islamic dates are in a mess because of the ignorance of Muslim clergy who do not know the fact that a date cannot represent 3 or 4 days.

More than 70 countries celebrated Eidul Fitr on Friday, July 17, 2015. Today, July 23, 2015 (Thursday) the moon was half and was at over-head its 7th phase which confirms that celebration of Eidul Fitr on Friday was correct. But, nearly 30 countries had Eid on Saturday. However, the saddest part is that on July 19, Sunday too Eid was celebrated by many Islands like Minicoy, Aandroth, Kavarathy in Lakshadweep (India) !!!

What a pity !! Eidul Fitr on three different days of the week in India alone !!!

Isn't it a high time that such blasphemy on Islam is stopped?? Why Muslims do not accept that Islam has prescribed an error-free calendar system for the whole mankind ?? It is no wonder that non-Muslims are averse to Hijri Calendar. The reason is that many Muslim scholars themselves do not understand what Islam has prescribed as a calendar. They do not find fault in a date falling on three days of the week !! They do not realise that in a perfect calendar one date denotes only ONE day of the week.

Almighty Allah has certified that Islam is Perfect & Complete. But many by their un-wise attitude are bent upon to prove that Islam is imperfect and in-complete. NAUDUBILLAH !

Many scholars did not give much attention to Astronomy as they suspected that it is an integral part of Astrology, which is banned in Shari'ah. They also did not study the fact that it was Muslims who were pioneers in Astronomy and that nearly 42 Navigational-stars (which helped ocean navigators to findout the direction in the past) were named in Arabic by Muslims. They also did not study the fact that Sahabah (RA) like Ibn Abbas (RA) had good knowledge in Astronomy. Muslim astronomers too must bear half of the responsibility for the blasphemous state of affairs. They never bothered to enlighten the scholars about the basics of Astronomy.

Muslim Ummah would not be in such a confusion as prevailing today, if at all the Astronomers bothered to teach the scholars that:

  • the day of conjunction is the last day of the month;
  • on the last day of the month waning moon cannot be seen;
  • the hilal gets established, though invisible, somewhere on earth on the conjunction day and hence, starting the new month on the following day is correct;
  • the first hilal will be seen setting at the West at the end of the first day & considering it as the moon for the following day is incorrect;
  • there will be 28 visible phases for a month of 29 days & there will be 29 visible phases for a month of 30 days;
  • in the first half, the moon has to be observed after Magrib & in the second half it has to be observed at Fajr;
  • al-urjoonal qadeem will be seen very close to the Eastern horizon, at Fajr, on the 28th day if the month is of 29 days & on the 29th day if the month is of 30 days;
  • if we wait for the sight of setting hilal on the West we stand to lose the fast of the first day (in case of Ramdhaan) & stand to commit the haraam of fasting on the Eid day (in case of Shawwal) etc. etc.

We request all - Scholars, Astronomers, leaders of Muslm organisations as well as all the Muslims to strive hard to save Islam cutting a sorry figure because of erroneous reading of dates from the phases of moon.

First step towards our goal should be to learn the basics of Astronomy and to observe all the phases of moon atleast for 5 to 6 months. You all are reminded that, as per authentic hadeeth, it is Sunnah to observe all the phases of the moon, throughout year, especially those of Sha'baan.

May Almighty Allah save all of us from fasting on wrong days and celebrating Eid on wrong days and may HE the Almighty forgive all our sins, faults and errors and provide all of us with a place in Jannathul Firdouse. Aameen