1. General

  • 1.1   Question: How do I know the beginning and ending times of every prayer. The schedules I get give the beginning of prayer times but not the ending, after which Salat is QAZA. Also I want to know the Zawaal timing. Show Answer

  • 1.2   Question: At polar regions day and night are several months long, so how do Muslims fast and pray in those regions? Show Answer

  • 1.3   Question: If you stand on the moon, you see earth only from one side of the moon. Would you see the sun rise and set? Show Answer

  • 1.4   Question: What is Zodiacal light and when can it be seen? Show Answer

2. Fajr & Isha

  • 2.1   Question: How about the method employed by Saudi Arabia for Isha' which, to my knowledge, is 1-1/2 hour after Maghrib all year long? Isn't that disregarding the change in sun's declination? Show Answer

  • 2.2   Question: What is your opinion about 15° versus 18° for Subh-Sadiq? Show Answer

  • 2.3   Question: Some Ramadan timetables in my area have the sehri end time based at 15° and others at 18°. Which one is the correct one? Show Answer

  • 2.4   Question: I was very surprised to see a wide difference in timing for Fajr & Isha calculated by assumptions of various organizations. Can you explain? Show Answer

  • 2.5   Question: Our local masjid in Chicago publishes Isha timetable at 12°. To date I have not seen a fatwa which establishes 12° as acceptable (most of my reading supported 15 or 18°). In your scientific judgement is 12° for Isha acceptable? Show Answer

  • 2.6   Question: Is it true that disappearance of Shafaq for Isha, and Subh-Sadiq for fajr cannot be related with any degrees (neither with 18° nor with 15°)? Show Answer

  • 2.7   Question: gives an option for ISNA prayer Schedule. If that is ISNA's official position, then why gives a different prayer shcedule compared to's ISNA option? Show Answer

  • 2.8   Question: Are prayer times given by correct and reliable? Show Answer

  • 2.9   Question: How long does it take to diasappear Shafaq Ahmer (red), and how long for Shafaq Abyadh (white)? Show Answer

  • 2.10   Question: What is the relationship of disappearance of Shafaq Ahmer (red), and disappearance of Shafaq Abyadh (white) with degrees? Show Answer

3. Zuhr

  • 3.1   Question: Does Zuhr time begin at noon? Show Answer

  • 3.2   Question: The terms 'zawwal time' and 'noon time' have been used interchangeably in your web site regarding the prayer timings. I think the term 'noon' generally refers to 12:00pm while the zawwal time keeps on shifting all year round. Could you please tell me what time have you used in your calculations? Show Answer

  • 3.3   Question: I am a bit confused with the timings of Zuhr time span. Shafi'i Asr time is one hour before us (Hanafi). Due to this can I also say the Zuhr prayer after Shafi'i Asr time starts? Show Answer

  • 3.4   Question: I heard that one can find true north from the position of shadow at zawal. Is this correct? Show Answer

4. Asr

  • 4.1   Question: It seems impractical to find the time for Asr based on object's length plus shadow at Zawaal time for Shafi'i, or twice the object's length plus shadow at Zawaal time for Hanafi. How, an individual is supposed to know what is the shadow at Zawaal time. It appears to me that both Shafi'i and Hanafi Fiqh are not practical for this. Show Answer

  • 4.2   Question: What is Asr Shafi'i and Asr Hanafi. I do not know the difference. Could you explain? Show Answer

5. Maghrib

  • 5.1   Question: Is Maghrib prayer time at sunset or not? What is the definition of sunset in Islam? Is it the time when the solar disc touches the horizon or is the time when the solar disc has completely disappeared below the horizon? Show Answer

  • 5.2   Question: Some People say that Maghrib time is just for 20 to 30 minutes after sunset. Is that correct? Show Answer

  • 5.3   Question: Does altitude from mean sea level affecn time of sunset/sunrise? Show Answer

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