1. Question: What is correct Qibla direction from North America, North-East or South-East? Some people show on the flat map that Qibla should be South-East. Show Answer
  2. Question: Some people talk about shortest distance concept about Qibla. What do you have to say about that? Show Answer
  3. Question: If we keep going west from Makkah we pass over Africa then the Atlantic ocean then we arrive at Florida. Doesn't it make sense in this case for Qibla to be EAST. (Dec 5,1997) Show Answer
  4. Question: What is the importance of Magnetic North Pole and True North Pole. Which one is marked as the North Pole on the globe that we have at schools. (Jan 31,1998) Show Answer
  5. Question: What is the direction of a line from Vancouver Canada to Makkah that goes straight through the earth (not on the surface) using the North, South, East and West orientation, and why? (Jan 31,1998) Show Answer
  6. Question: Most of the mosques in Montreal pray at 320 grad from North. Since all Muslims here pray at 320 grad I also pray in the same direction. I have a booklet bought from Medinah in 1992 which says 270 grad from North and which seems logical geographically if seen from the map. What do you know about this matter. Please guide me in this regard. (Aug 26, 1998) Show Answer
  7. Question: I live in St. Louis, Missouri. What time can I observe the sun on those two dates to convince myself about the controversy of South-East and North-East? (April 9, 1999) Show Answer
  8. Question: I think, it does not matter whether the earth is flat or round, the direction for Qibla as I see from North America is South-East. I bought a globe and tried to look from Alaska, I see that Makkah is still down somewhere, therfore, it should be South-East, not North-East. Show Answer
  9. Question: What is Qibla from San Francisco? I was told to rely on the sunset to find Qibla. But I think that is only effective in Pakistan.(July 5, 2001) Show Answer
  10. Question: If accurate angle for Qibla is known, why is it not advisable to use it? Show Answer
  11. Question: If I can see the sunrise, would that be East? Turning 90 degrees left from that direction should be True North; am I right? Show Answer
  12. Question: How a person would find Qibla direction from another planet or from space? Show Answer
  13. Question: How is it possible that you can see the sun rising from North-East direction (058degrees East of North) at Nova Scotia, Canada and Maine , USA on the dates May 28 and July 16 when the sun is right above Makkah, Saudi Arabia at noon time. The sun never goes North of the Tropic of Cancer which is 23.5 degrees North of Equator. The sun comes over the Tropic of Cancer on June 21 and then starts moving southward towards the Equator. Show Answer
  14. Question: What is the latitude and longitude for Makkah? Can I use those coordinates to find Qibla or more accurate coordinates are available for Ka'bah? Show Answer
  15. Question: Let’s says that the circle around the Qibla kept growing very large. Let’s say that it kept growing so large that somehow it covered North America. Would those in North America (Eastern part) still be facing North-east? Show Answer
  16. Question: Does the Quran or Hadith offer any guidance for usng shortest distance to Makkah in determining the Qibla direction? Show Answer
  17. Question: Muslims who came to North America in the parts of the last century built their mosques facing South-east. Were they doing this on the false premise that the world is flat? Show Answer
  18. Question: Scientists at NASA said December 2004 earthquake in the Indian Ocean affected the shape and rotation of the Earth, and shifted the position of the North Pole about 2.5 centimetres, or one inch, closer to 145 degrees east longitude, roughly in the direction of Guam. Would this "shift" have an impact on Qibla calculations e.g., True North vs Magnetic North? (January 13, 2005) Show Answer
  19. Question: Is the Ka'bah really at the centre/heart of the Earth geographically? Show Answer
  20. Question: What is Polaris or North Star? Show Answer
  21. Question: How one can find True South with Just an analog Watch Show Answer
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