Moonsighting for Safar 1429

1429 AH

The Astronomical New Moon is on February 7, 2008 (Thursday) at 3:44 Universal Time or GMT (i.e., February 6, 10:44 pm EST, and 7:44 pm PST). It will be visible on February 7, in Central and North America. On February 8, it will be visible all over the world, with the exception of New Zealand, where it will be visible on February 9, 2008, Insha-Allah.

Sighting Reports
February 7, 2008 (Thursday):

Aisha May from Adelaide Australia reported: Not Seen
On February 7, we have been unable to locate the hilal of the new moon tonight in Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Manzoor A Mian from Melbourne Australia reported: Not Seen
Crescent for Safar was not sighted in Melbourne on 7/2/08 Therefore the 1st of Safar commences tomorrow 9th February 2008.

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed (MCW member) Imam of Rooty Hill Mosque Sydney Australia reported: Not Seen
The moon of Safar 1429 has not been sighted on Thursday, February 07, 2008 anywhere in Australia. Therefore the moon-sighting committee of Australia and Majlis ul Ulamaa of Australia have declared that the month of Safar 1429 will start from Saturday,9th February, 2008

Mutoha Arkanuddin of Indonesian Crescents Observation (ICO) reported: Not Seen
Thursday evening (7/2) the western sky in my observation Yogyakarta, Indonesia was totally cloudy. No sighting on this day. The Indonesian Government have announced formally that the first Shafar 1429 AH will be started at Friday, 8 February 2008 by Mabims Criterion (moon altitude > 2 deg at sunset). More

Hussain Khushaish (MCW member) from Kuwait reported: Not Seen
In Kuwait at Kabad desert on Thursday 7 Feb 2008 I coul not see the crescent even with 8'" telescope. The western horizon was cloudy upto 5 degrees.

Hamza Rijaal (MCW member) from Island of Zanzibar Tanzania reported: Not Seen
On Thursday 7 February , 2008 I could not sight the crescent we are completing 30 days in tiny island of Zanzibar for the Muharram.

Dr. Abdurrazak Ebrahim (MCW member) from Cape Town S. Africa reported: Not Seen
No crescent was sighted anywhere in Southern Africa this Thursday evening (07 Feb 2008 the end of the 29th Muharrum 1429 AH). The official first day of Safar 1429 AH will correspond to Saturday, 09 Feb 2008 (Muharrum will be of a 30 day duration).

Rashid Motala (MCW member) from Durban S. Africa reported: Not Seen
The Hilaal for Safar was not sighted in SA this evening. Saturday, February 9, 2008 will be the 1st Safar.

Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti (MCW member) from Oxford UK reported: Not Seen
Negative sighting. I attempted to perform the sighting tonight in Oxford on 29 Muharram, Thursday 7th of February, immediately after Maghrib prayers. The local horizon is overcast. There have been no reports of any positive sightings tonight from Indonesia to Morocco, which would mean that we will be completing 30 days of Muharram tomorrow and that the 1st day of Safar will fall on the following day, Saturday 9th of February in the UK.

Muhammad Hafiz (MCW member) from Guyana reported: Not Seen
Safar 1429 AH Hilaal observation in Rose Hall Town, Guyana, was made impossible today (Thursday, 7th February, 2008) due to the constant down pour of rain that is expected for the rainy season.

Javad Torabinejad (MCW member) from Blacksburg Virginia reported: Not Seen
Using a pair of binoculars (7x50), this evening (Thursday, February, 7, 2008), I tried sighting the moon of Safar in Blacksburg, VA, with no success. The western horizon was partly cloudy.

Mohamedraza H.Janmohamed (MCW member) from Sanford Florida reported: Not Seen
No reports of moon sighting on Thursday, February 07th 2008 Muharram 29. There being NO Moon Sighting Reports and upon completion of 30 days of Mahe Muharram, the FIRST DAY of Mahe Safar 1429 AH is established as SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2008.

Ruth Jeffery (MCW member) from Baton Rouge Louisiana reported: Not Seen
Despite perfectly clear skies and the lowest horizon I could find, I was not able to sight the new moon crescent on Thursday, Feb. 7.

Mujahid Abu Bakr from Santa Fe, NM reported: Not Seen
I cannot find a place on the home page or anywhere to report sighting. But anyway the moon was not sighted in Santa Fe, NM USA zip 87505

Jim Stamm (MCW member) from Tucson Arizona reported: Seen w/Binoculars

Observed:   2008  February  7
Crescent first observed through 8 SC telescope:
    Time      =   18:13 (see note)
    Altitude  =   6.5 degrees
Crescent first observed through 6x30 finder:
    Time      =   6:22
    Altitude  =   4.8 degrees
Final observation with telescope:
    Time      =   18:42
    Altitude  =   0.9 degrees
Final observation with binoculars:
    Time      =   18:42
    Altitude  =   0.9 degrees

Crescent would have been seen earlier, but focus was off.  Initial arc  
length was about 90 degrees, growing to about 130 degrees at 18:30,  
but no lengthening after that time.

Paul Burnham (MCW member) from Chino Valley Arizona reported: Seen w/Binoculars
It pleases me to report that the new crescent moon was seen from Chino Valley, Arizona this February 7 evening. Observation was through binoculars commencing at 1828 MST and continued to 1850. At no time was the moon observed without binoculars. The thin arc appeared to extend from 4:30 to 7 o'clock relative to the horizon.

Milad Ali Ershaghi (MCW member) from Bloomington California reported: Not Seen
Local sunset time was 5:25PM and moonset time was 6:19PM. Driving westbound on the 10 freeway from Redlands past Bloomington, I looked for the new moon from 6:00PM onward - but could not see it. The sky seemed to be very hazy due to the presence of smog.

Gulamabbas Khakoo (MCW member) from Long Beach, California reported: Not Seen
Unable to sight the crescent on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 07th, 2008. (Time 5:30pm to 6:05pm). Insha-Allah will try on Friday.

Dr. Youssef Ismail (MCW member) from San Francisco California reported: Seen
I and my three children (future moonsighters insha Allah) all had the good fortune of seeing the new hilal for Safar this evening. Seen at 6:20 pm PST from my usual sighting location at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve (Lat ~ 37.3 degs North and 122.2 degs West and elevation about 1400 feet above sea level).
It was very clear despite the clouds which were intermittent. This was seen and photographed at 6:20 pm and it was visible by the naked eye until it set.
In addition, a non-Muslim man and his 11/12 year old son, seeing my children and I reacting with delight, asked what we were seeing and I pointed it out to both of them and they saw it as well.

February 8, 2008 (Friday):

Engr. Azizul Huq (MCW member) from Dhaka Bangladesh reported: Seen
On 8th February after Magrib Prayer I was at roof top of 15 storied building to have clear vision of horizon. But the sky was hazy of light winter cloud. Visibility was very poor. Building at 500m was not clear. I waited for some time but no sign of Crescent Moon. I could not see the moon for which I was disappointed. At 9.00pm local Time, Moon sighting Committee of Bangladesh Islamic Foundation declared that moon was seen in Bangladesh. So 9th February will be the 1st day of Safar.

Shahid Qureshi (MCW member) from Karachi Pakistan reported: Seen
On Feb 8, Friday we started tracking the new crescent at about 5:30 pm local time (51 minutes before sunset) using our 6" Code' refractor telescope at Karachi University Observatory. We succeeded in spotting the crescent at 6:01 pm local time (20 minutes before sunset). At this moment the altitude of the crescent was 19.8 degrees and the sun was still 3.7 degree above horizon.
Although officially today was 29th of Muharram in Pakistan but according our observation of last crescent on 9th of January it should have been 30th of Muharram. The same is confirmed by such an early sighting of crescent well before sunset which at our observatory usually happens on 30th of a lunar month.

Engr. Nadeem Ahmed (MCW member) from Guddu Kashmore Pakistan reported: Seen
Moon was Seen on Friday, 08 February, 2008; shape on a clock 4~8.

Capt. Tahir Gul Hasan (MCW member) from Lahore Pakistan reported: Not Seen
The Safar 1429 moon was NOT sighted at Lahore on the evening of 8 February 2008. Method: visual and binoculars. Weather: thin clouds & dust-haze. Observation Time: sunset (17:45 LT) until moonset (19:05 LT). Moon Azimuth: 255 degrees. Moon Altitude: 8 degrees

Maulana Sultan Alam (MCW member) from Karachi Pakistan reported: Seen
I was ill so I could not go myself to sight the moon but I requested 5 persons, all were scholars and students of our institute. They easily sighted the crescent by naked eyes, as it was expected tonight i.e. on Friday 8 February 2008. They sighted the crescent from the 4th floor of our institute situated in Nazimabad 4, Karachi, Pakistan. Some other scholars of our institute ("JAMIATUR-RASHEED'' situated in Ahsanabad, Karachi, Pakistan) also easily sighted the moon in Ahsanabad.
Some members of personal moon sighting committees of our institute "JAMIATUR-RASHEED'' reported from Kohat,N.W.F.P. and Pishin,Balochistan that they easily sighted the moon as it was expected, but some other reported from Batal and Abbotabad that they could not sight the moon due to cloudy weather.
Chairman of central governmental moon sighting committee of Pakistan told me on my personal mobile number that he and his all members sighted the moon and received the positive reports of moon sighting from all over the Pakistan, therefore he has officially announced that 1st Safar 1429 will be on Saturday 9 February 2008 in Pakistan after ending the 29 days of Muharram 1429.

Zubair Ahmed Siddiqui (MCW member) from Karachi Pakistan reported: Seen
On Feb 8, 2008, the meeting of Ruet-e-Hilal committee was held at Habib Bank Plaza Karachi. Reports were recieved from about 60 cities of Pakistan. The Moon has been SIGHTED at many places all over in Pakistan. Hence First day of Safar will be Saturday Feb 9, 2008.

Alireza Mehrani (MCW member) from Esfahan Iran reported: Seen
Observers with him were: Mrs. Mir Shamshirgaran, Mr. S. R. Monajjemi, Mr. S. Janghorban, and Mr. Mansouri First seen with optical tools: 7x50 binoculars & Digital camera (Sony DSC H9), then it was seen with Naked eye.

Neria Haroeh (MCW member) from Ramlah Israel reported: Seen
I saw the new moon on Friday February 8th on 17:30 local time, from Matsliach (near Ramle) Israel. I saw the moon first with naked eye and confirm it with binocular. Sunset was at 17:21 local time. Two other people saw the moon with me.

Dr. Hadi Jaafar (MCW member) from Lebanon reported: Seen
Safar Crescent was easily seen here in Beirut at around 5:55 P.M. this Feb. 8 evening with the naked eye. I saw at the horns between 3 and 9 O'clock

Eng. Rami Labib (MCW member) from Cairo Egypt reported: Seen
On 8th Feb 2008, Crescent was easly visible by naked eye. At 6PM Cairo Local time, Azimuth=250 Deg. Altitude=13 Deg.

Dr. M. Al-Majari from Tengelic Hungary reported: Seen
The hilal of Safar was seen here in Hungary on the eve of February 8th by naked eyes.

S. H. Wasty (MCW member) from London UK reported: Seen
On Feb 8, Friday, Safar new moon seen in London very easily with naked eyes. It appeared to be nearly 30 degrees high from the surface of earth at around 17-30 hrs GMT.

Ibrahima Thierno LO (MCW member) from Dakar Senegal reported: Seen
I have seen the crescent moon myself in Dakar Friday, February 8th, at 19:30 by naked eyes. It was very easy to see it. The sky was very clear. The moon was seen also by other friends in Tambacounda (exactly in Niokoloba Parc), in Kaolack (Koungueul) and in other provinces in Senegal. Hence 1st day of Safar 1429H in Senegal is on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008.

Javad Torabinejad (MCW member) from Blacksburg Virginia reported: Seen
This evening (Friday, February 08, 2008), we sighted the moon in Blacksburg, VA. The crescent moon was very high in sky and very easy to see. Unlike yesterday, the sighting conditions were excellent! Khoda-hafez.

Ms. Ruth Jeffery (MCW member) from Baton Rouge Louisiana reported: Seen
On Friday, February 8, the new moon was sighted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 5:53 p.m. by one adult.

Gulamabbas Khakoo (MCW member) from Buena Park California reported: Seen
Sighted the crescent with naked eye for the month of Safar this evening of Friday, 08, 2008 from Buena Park, California Local time 5:43pm. The sighting was very easy and clear on left side of sunset.

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