Moonsighting for Shawwal 1430

1430 AH

Fiqh Council of N. America (FCNA) Announces: Eid ul-Fitr on Sunday, September 20, 2009
FCNA uses Makkah al-Mukarram as a conventional point and takes the position that the conjunction must take place before sunset in Makkah and the moon must set after sunset in Makkah.

The Astronomical New Moon is on Septmeber 18, 2009 (Friday) at 18:44 UT. This moon is not visible anywhere on September 18. On September 19, it will still not be visible in Asia, Europe and Canada. It can easily be seen in South Africa and South America on Sep 19. On the same day, with difficulty, it is possible to be seen in Western Australia, Central Africa, Caribbean Islands, Central America and very Southern areas of USA. In USA, on Sep. 19, the moon is going to be very low on the horizon at sunset, so try to see before Maghrib. Binocluars will help.

Sighting Reports

The earliest sighting of the new crescent was on Saturday, 19 September 2009 from Australia.

September 19, 2009 (Saturday):

  • Argentina:

    1. Seen: Temoor Shouib from Iguasu, Argentina reported: Tonight (Saturday September 19th) after maghrib I saw the moon in the eastern sky from the northern Argentinian city of Iguasu. I took this photo. I didnt have a tripod, so there is camera shake but the moon is visible.

  • Australia:

    1. Not Seen: Engr Manzoor A Mian (MCW member) Melbourne reported: I wish to inform you that Shawal crescent has not been sighted in Melbourne Sydney, and Brisbane of Australia so far on 19 Sep. 2009 Saturday evening. We are still waiting results from Darwin and Perth in next two hour. I shall update you again in 2 hrs.

    2. Not Seen: Salah Sukkarieh (MCW member) from Sydney reported: It was too cloudy in Sydney to observe the moon.

    3. Seen: Dr. Shabbir Ahmed (MCW member) Imam of Rooty Hill Mosque Sydney reported: The Hilaal of SHAWWAAL 1430 has been sighted in Port Hedland and Perth. I have personally contacted those brothers who sighted the Moon. In the Eastern suburbs, the possibility of sighting the moon was not strong. However, in the Western suburbs, the age of the moon wasn’t sufficient enough for the moon to be sighted clearly but the thing that helped the moon to be sighted was the time difference between sunset and moonset which was of 40 minutes. Therefore after accepting the testimony of the brothers who saw the moon, the Moonsighting Committee and Majlisul Ulamaa’ of Australia declared that Eid would be celebrated on Sunday 20/09/09. EID MUBARAK to everyone!

    4. Seen in Western Australia: Engr Manzoor A Mian (MCW member) from Melbourne reported: I wish to inform you again that Shawal crescent has been sighted in Australia, Port Hedland (Western Australia) Therefore there will be Eid in whole Australia tomorrow 20th sep 2009 Sunday InshaAllah.

    5. Seen in Western Australia: Habeeb Mohamed-Hussain (MCW member) from Gold Coast reported: The moon has been sighted. Insha-Allah Eid will be celebrated tomorrow, Sunday, Eid Mubaruk.

  • Bangladesh:

    1. Not Seen: Engr. Azizul Huq (MCW member) from Dhaka reported: Crescent moon was not visible from Bangladesh. Islamic foundation of Bangladesh requested to see Moon tomorrow. So there will be EID on Monday if Moon is visible within Bangladesh. But a good numbers of Muslims started Ramadan form 22nd Aug along with rest of the world.

  • Barbados:

    1. Not Seen: Farid Ahmed Degia (MCW member) reported: On Sep 19, the moon has not been sighted in Barbados or anywhere else in the caribbean area, Although clear skys were reported in most islands. Barbados also had clear skys but in the area where the moon should have been sighted was infact hazy with some patchy cloud cover in the lower areas just above the horizon.

  • Brunei:

    1. Not Seen: Mohd Aidil Sufian (MCW member) from Brunei Darussalam reported: I wish to inform you that Shawal crescent has not been sighted in Brunei Darussalam. Eid will be on 21st September 2009 (30 days completion)

  • Canada:

    1. Announced: Nuh ibn Zbigniew Gondek (MCW member) from Ottawa Ontario reported: 29th Ramadan, 1430 (Saturday, September 19th, 2009). Except for a few minor patches of cloud, the sky was mostly clear in Ottawa, Canada. I arrived at my sighting location right after iftar (sunset: 7:06) and started scanning the horizon using binoculars and with the unaided eye. The moon was not sighted. I stayed at my location until 8:20. However, the local Hillel Committee has confirmed a sighting and Eid will be Sunday, September 20th.

  • China:

    1. Not Seen: Furqan Abdussubhan Dadan from Hong Kong reported: I wish to inform you that Shawal crescent has not been sighted in Hong Kong today. Hence, Eid will be on Monday, 21st September 2009 (30 days completion)

    2. Not Seen: Dr. Musa·Minhai (MCW member) from Linxia Gansu Province reported: In Linxia City on Sunday 20 Sep 2009 I could not see the crescent even with 10*50 binocular, becouse there is some cloudy and the [email protected] is only 5°12?, it was hazy that the sun disck disappeared 15 minutes before our local sunset.( our moon lag was 15 minutes ). The Eid ul-fitr is on Sunday 20 Sep 2009 for more muslims; for some muslims it will be on Monday 21 Sep. in China.

  • Chile:

    1. Seen: Muhammad Sohail (MCW member) from Iquique reported: I have seen the moon of first of Shawal omn 19/09/2009 at 18:45 almost in Iquique Chile,the conditions were very good and one can see the moon very easy.

  • Fiji Islands:

    1. Not Seen: M Shamim Ali (MCW member) from Samabula Suva reported: New moon was not sighted in Fiji Islands therefore Eid-ul-Fitr will Insha allah be celebrated on Monday 21/09/2009.

  • Guyana:

    1. Seen: Dr. Muhammad Hafiz (MCW member) reported: I tried to observe the Hilaal with the members of Rose Hall Town Masjid after sunset on Saturday, 19th September, 2009, unfortunately due to cloud on the horizon Shawwal Hilaal was made impossible. However, I spoke to Br. Hussein by cell phone who is working in the fields out of the residential areas. He stated after praying Magrib Salah he was able to see the Hilaal at around 6:15 PM under clear horizon. He is a member of the Fyrish, #2 Masjid. It was also reported that the Hialaal was also seen in Providence, Guyana.

  • India:

    1. Not Seen: Mohammed Mohsin Khan (MCW member) from Mumbai reported: Today Saturday 19 September 2009 / 28 Ramadaan 1430 in India. Here in Mumbai Sunset was at 06:38 pm LT and Moonset was at 06:52 pm LT. So there was only 14 mins difference. It was certain that the crescent would not be sighted anywhere in India today. I tried to sight the moon due to the 29th day according to the Ummul-Qura calendar but Shawwaal crescent has not been sighted in India.

  • Indonesia:

    1. Not Seen: Ahmad I. Adjie (MCW member) from Bandung reported: I am not in Indonesia for sighting but advised others to look for more easterly confirmed sightings. As such, as the Hilal was sighted in Perth and Western Australia, those who follow moonisghting by maghrib ways in Indonesia have taken those sightings and have declared that the 1st of Shawwal is Sunday, 20 September 2009. Tabarakullah! We are also informing that the Indonesian government has set the same date and has publicly announced it today. Alhamdulillah this Ramadhan was indeed a rare one where the start and end of Ramdhan was the same as set by govt.

    2. Not Seen: AR Sugeng Riyadi (MCW member) from Surakarta, Java reported: On Sep 19, we could not see the moon at Bela-Belu Hill, Bantul Yogykarta, Indonesia. It was cloudy.

  • Iran:

    1. Seen w/telescope only: Alireza Mehrani (MCW member) from Esfahan reported: As it has been foreseen and expected before, the crescent of Shawal 1430 has been observed by 6 Iranian experienced observers on Saturday 19 Sept. by using telescope. I would like to emphasize that this observation was direct and it was not image-processing. Because of the rainy and cloudy weather in the northern part of Iran, other groups which were in this area were not able to observe the crescent.

  • Iraq:

    1. Not Seen: Muhammad Yousuf Rajput (MCW member) from Baghdad reported: Sighting of Moon on the west of Baghdad is very difficult due to bad weather condition through naked eye till Magrib. After that, dust completely cover the sky and start raining, I was not able to see Moon today 19th September 2009 in Victory base Camp Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Jordan:

    1. Not Seen: Ahmad Abu Zaid (MCW member) from Amman reported: On Sep 19, it was cloudy in Amman Jordan so it was not possible to observe the new crescent. However, it was announced that tomorrow, Sunday is the first day of Shawal. Thus Ramadan was of 29 days. The crescent was observed in a neighboring country.

  • Kenya:

    1. Declared: Mahmood Essa (MCW member) from Mombasa reported: It was cloudy in Mombasa so it was not possible to observe the new crecent. However, about 21.20 our local time, it was announced by the Chief Kadhi of Kenya that tomorrow, Sunday is the first day of Shawal. Thus Ramadhaan was of 29 days. Perhaps the crescent was observed in another part of the country or in a neighbouring country

  • Kuwait:

    1. Declared: Dr Lukman Thalib (MCW member) reported: Following the announcement of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait also announced the first day of Eid to be the Sunday, 20 September, to be the Eid ul Fitr of 2009.

    2. Not Seen: Hussain Khushaish (MCW member) reported: In Kuwait City on Sat 19 sep 2009 I could not see the crescent even with 20*60 binocular, it was hazy that the sun disck disappeared 9 minutes before our local sunset.( our moon lag was 9 minutes ).

  • Luxembourg:

    1. Declared: Anoushé Husain from Luxembourg reported: The Centre Cultural Islamic of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Association Islamique have decided that the first day of the month of Shawal shall be Sunday 20 September 2009.

  • Malawi:

    1. Not Seen: Yusuf M. Lambat (MCW member) from Blantyre reported: In Lilongwe, Malawi, on Staurday evening the sky was clear but we could not sight the moon. We celebrated the Eid based on sighting from South Africa.

  • Malaysia:

    1. Declared: Keeper of Rulers Seal in Malaysia reported: As for Malaysia, the Keeper of Rulers Seal, simply says, it declares Eid to be on 20th without mentioning any moon or crescent or hilal or even saying any sighting ...

  • Mauritius:

    1. Seen: Goolam Tegally (MCW member) from Port Louis reported: Hilal was sighted for a brief 1 minute with binoculars only between some clouds here in Mauritius at 14:31 (UT). However, local authorities have declared Eid to be on Monday 21st Sep.

  • Mozambique:

    1. Seen: Adamo A.C.Cassamo from Maputo reported: Moon was seen after Magrib salat on 19/09 in Maputo( capital of Mozambique). Eid-ul-fitr will be on Sunday 20/09 in Mozambique

  • Namibia:

    1. Seen: Ahmed Mohamed Barakah (MCW member) from Windhoek reported: Moon was sighted in Windhoek Namibia at about 19:25. Eid will be on Sunday 20th September.

  • Nigeria:

    1. Not Seen (Cloudy): Sheik A.A. Ishola (MCW member) from Ikorodu, Lagos reported: I and my colleque Ustaz Monsuru Majolagbe tried searching the crescent of shawwal on 19-09-09 in front of Shamsudeen mosque Ojogbe Area of Ikorodu, Lagos along with us Ustaz Ishaq Hussein (Abu-Bushra) but the moon was not seen due to clouds, and Our member called me from Bauchi,Maiduguri,Kaduna reporting the same negative. we are waiting for Sultan to announce this night. Happy Eid fitr 1430.

    2. Not Seen (Cloudy): Imam Majolagbe Monsuru (MCW member) from Lagos reported: I and my colleague shaekh abd azeez Ishola including ustas ishaq Husaen today 19 sept. 2009 attempted crescent sighting from sun set time till almost 19:20 but it was too cloudy and as such we were unable to sight the crescent

    3. Not Seen (Cloudy): AbdulBariu Kareem (MCW member) from Ikeja Lagos reported: today 19th of September 2009 Ramadan 29th 1430 here in Lagos Nigeria the moon was not sighted due to cloud weather between hour of 18:50 to 19:20 LT while i was outside watching for the moon. i also called other members from another locations the situation was the same.

  • Norway:

    1. Announced: Imran Mushtaq (MCW member) from Oslo reported: Norway have 1st Shawwal on Sunday, 20.9.2009 according to the decision taken by Islamic Council of Norway based on conditions given by the Hijricalender agreement.

  • Pakistan:

    1. Declared: Provincial government of Sarhad, Pakistan reported: Tomorrow Sunday is Eid in Province Sarhad. It is to be noted here that Sunday is 29th Ramadhan in the rest of Pakistan.

    2. Not Seen: Sultan Alam (MCW member) from Karachi reported: Today (Saturday, September 19, 2009 = 28 Ramadhan 1430), on my request nearly one to two hundred persons (members of the moon-sighting committees of our institute "JAMIA-TUR-RASHEED" + my friends + their companions) tried to sight the moon at nearly 25 places all over Pakistan but the moon could not be sighted, as it was expected tonight. Weather was fully clear at all places except in Karachi and Aasiabad. They tried to sight at these places : Mardan, Malakand, Swabi, Bannu, Mansehra (2 places), Balakot, Deer, Battal, Mengora, Karachi (5 places), Ghotki, Jehlam, Tando-Ghulam-Ali, Faisalabad, Kehror-Pakka, Aasiabad, Turbat, Tando-Allah-yar, Jhang, Islamabad.

    3. Not Seen: Dr. Shahid Qureshi (MCW member) from Karachi reported: In view of request recieved from various friends I was compelled to got on crescent hunt today Spetember 19, 2009. We failed to see the cresent. when tried using our telescope (6" code' refractor) and a field binocular (4") at Karachi University Observatory. We started our search 15 minutes before sunset (19:32 PST (+6 of UT)) and continued seacrhing crescent till the moonset (19:43). It was partly cloudly but we had moments of cloud gap. Humidity was around 50% and temperature around 30 deg C.

  • Panama:

    1. Seen: Saleh Bhai Bhattay (MCW member) from Panama City reported: Aaj Sep 19, Saturday ko panama me chan ho gaya hey. Eid Mubarak. Dua mein yad rakhiye.

  • Philippines:

    1. Declared: Dr. Mansoor Limba (MCW member) from Cotabato City reported: Amidst cloudy weather since morning and occasional rain shower, Cotabato City-based Darul Ifta declared tomorrow (Sunday/September 20, 2009) as Eid al-Fitr. As announced in a nearby mosque at around Isha’ prayer time, the crescent is reportedly seen in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (although at the time of the announcement, it’s still around 3:00 pm in Saudi Arabia given the 5-hour time difference between the two countries).

  • Saudi Arabia:

    1. Eid Announced: Muhammad H Zulqarnain (MCW member) from Riyadh reported: Eid announced in Saudi Arabia for Sunday 20 Sept. Hearty Eid Greetings to you all.

    2. Eid Announced: Some one from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia reported: "By the Command of His Majesty the King after being consented by ALL the Rulers [9 sultans], I hereby proclaim the Eid ul-fitr to be tomorrow on Sunday 20th September, 2009."

    3. Eid Announced: Mrs. Lubna Shawly (MCW member) from Jiddah reported: Saudi Arabia will celebrate Eid tomorrow Sunday 20th of September 2009 as the first day of Eid Al Fitr for the year 1430.

  • Senegal:

    1. Announced: Ibrahima Thierno LO (MCW member) from Dakar reported: Seeing the crescent by naked eyes was tried by our group, but it was not seen. The western horizon was cloudy in Dakar. The National Committee have accepted the claim of ordinary public of a sighting from some localities and announced Eid tomorrow, Sunday 20 September 2009.

  • Sri Lanka:

    1. Not Seen: Nular Bary (MCW member) from Colombo reported: Today, 19th September 2009 (29th Ramadan 1430) I went to my normal observation point to try to sight the Hilal of Shawwaal. The westen sky was very clear but couldn't see the New Moon. Our sunset was at 6.09 Pm. I tried from 6.19 to 6.50 Pm; neither reported seen from any where in the Island. Hence Sri Lanka Jamiathululama declared to complete the month of Ramadan 30 days and celebrate Eid (1st of Shawwaal) on Monday the 21st of September 2009 "Inshallah".

    2. Not Seen: Haji Muhammad Suhail Omar Patel (MCW member) from Colombo reported: As the new moon of Shawwal was not sighted in any part of Sri Lanka it has been decided by Colombo Grand Mosque and all Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama - Eid ul fitr will fall on 21st September, Monday

  • South Africa:

    1. Seen: Rashid Motala (MCW member) from Durban reported: The Hilaal was sighted this evening from many locations in S. Africa. I observed it in Durban at about 18:15. Eid Mubaruk to all.

    2. Seen: Dr. Abdurrazak Ebrahim (MCW member) from Cape Town reported: Crescent was first seen by naked-eye at LT 19h05 until it disappeared into a bank of haze at 19h14.

  • Spain:

    1. Declared: Dr. Gabriel Jairodín Riaza from Spain reported: Islamic Commission of Spain declare the first day of Eid to be the Sunday, 20 September. Eid ul Fitr mubárak.

  • Tanzania:

    1. Seen: Hamza Rijal (MCW member) from Island of Zanzibar reported: It has been declared by the Mufty Office taht Hilal has been sighted in Unguja island (Matewmwe, Mkwajuni and Kizimkazi) and in Micheweni in the sister island of Zanzibar and its officially decleared tomorrow 20 September will be the first day of Shawal.

  • Trinidad and Tobago:

    1. Seen: Farid Ahmed Degia (MCW member) also reported about Trinidad: On Sep 19, moon was sighted in Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago has accepted this sighting as was confirmed by Mufti Wasim of the Dar'ul Ulum there on the Trinidad Islamic Network Television this evening.

  • UK:

    1. Based on Sighting from South Africa: S. H. Wasty (MCW member) from London reported: In the U.K. we go by Shahahdah. The Shahahdah from Australia and now from S. Africa is our criteria. Eid is on Sep 20.

    2. Not Seen: Dr. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti (MCW member) from Oxford reported: Negative sighting. A group of us attempted to perform the obligatory sighting of Shawwal after Iftar on Saturday 19 September (the 29th day of Ramadan in the UK). Although the horizon is clear, the crescent could not be sighted. Still, we received news of positive sightings to the East of the UK from Indonesia as well as South Africa. This news, despite not being able to sight locally, makes it sufficient for Eid al-Fitr to be tomorrow, on Sunday 20 September for those in the UK, by following the basic rule [dabit] in Islamic Law in this matter that whenever it is known that the crescent has been positively sighted in the East, local sighting inevitably follows, but not the other way round [mata hasalati r-ru'yatu fi l-sharqi lazima ru'yatuhu fi l-gharbi wa la-'aks]. Eid Mubarak!

  • USA:

    1. Not Seen: Javad Torabinejad (MCW member) from Blacksburg VA reported: This evening (Saturday, September 19, 2009), I tried sighting the moon in Christiansburg, VA with no success. The western horizon was covered by clouds and thus I could not sight the moon. I was there before sunset (7:22) till moonset (7:35).

    2. Not Seen: Dr. Hussain Dashti (MCW member) from Gainesville FL reported: The Hilal was not seen from Gainesville, Florida. The sky was Cloudy. In addition, the crescent was difficult to sight from Florida anyways.

    3. Not Seen: Imam Salim Chishti (MCW member) from New Lebanon NY reported: The crescent moon for Shawwal 1430 was not sighted. We will wait for other reports from North America before making a decision about the day we will celebrate Eid, insha'allah.

    4. Seen w/telescope: Jim Stamm (MCW member) from Tucson AZ reported: I just got back from viewing the Hilaal on Sep 19. It was very difficult through the C8, acquiring the image just a few minutes before the crescent set behind some distant mountains. None of the other 6 observers could focus the image enough to see it. Of course each observer made it more difficult for the next. I don't think that it was possible for anyone in North America to see this new Moon crescent with the unaided eye.

    5. Announcement: Mohammed Yahya Shaikh (MCW member) from Culver City CA reported: I along with 5 other borthers tried to look for the moon from Playa del Rey on Sept 19 from 18:45 to 19:05 but were not able to see the moon due excessive cloud cover. However there has been various sighting reports from various carribean locations and InshAllah Eid-ul-fitr will be tommorow Sept. 20. Eid Mubarak to all.

    6. Not Seen: Muzzammil Dadabhoy (MCW member) from Huntington Beach CA reported: Today, Sep 19, myself along with 2 other Muslims from 18:45 till 19:30 (Maghrib was at 7) were looking for the Shawwaal Hilaal. We were at the beach for the entire duration in the city of Huntington Beach, California. The skies were relatively clear, yet a tad-bit hazy towards the Western Horizon. No hilaal was sighted however. We only looked with the naked eye.
  • September 20, 2009 (Sunday):

  • Bangladesh:

    1. Seen: F. R. Sarker from Bangladesh reported: Congratulations on your correct prediction of sighting of Shawal Moon. Today, Shawal Moon has been sighted over Bangladesh and Moon Sighting Committee of the Government of Bangladesh has declared that Eid-ul-Fitre will be celebrated tomorrow, September 21. A few days ago, Reporters from RTV, ATN Bangla and Diganta Television came to my office to learn when the Shawal Moon would be sighted. I have shown them Moon Sighting Chart on your Website. All of them were fully convinced by your calculation and prominently telecast the news declaring that Shawal Moon will be sighted over Bangladesh on September 20 which eventually proved correct. Best regards.

    2. Seen: Engr. Azizul Huq (MCW member) from Dhaka reported: On 20th September western horizon was cloudy for that Moon was not visible on Dhaka sky. But Shawwal Moon was visible on other parts of Bangladesh for which tomorrow September 21, 2009 will be the official EID day for Bangladesh. But in TV news, pictures of observing EID already on September 20, 09 at different places of Bangladesh including Dhaka were shown. In the morning, I also attended EID prayer at Dhanmundi Residential area where about 500 men and women attended the prayer. These Muslims started Ramadan from August 22nd, on the basis of information of moon sighting from Australia, Malaysia. Another group of Muslims have been following EID following Saudi Arabia for many years.

  • Barbados:

    1. Seen: Farid Ahmed Degia (MCW member) reported: Al humdulillah the moon was sighted today (Sep 20) at approximately 5:50 pm high in the sky but very fine and slowly becoming brighter and brighter as it the time moved past 6 pm, but it still remain very fine in length and width. So here in Barbados we would have completed 29 days of fasting in Ramadhan and now will celebrate Eid with muslims, Eid Mubarak.

    2. Seen: Suleman Manjra (MCW member) reported: The moon has been sighted in Barbados today, September 20. Therefore we had 29 days of Ramadhan and Eid Ul Fitr will be on Monday 21st September.

  • Germany:

    1. Not Seen: Samy Khadem-Al-Charieh (MCW member) from Berlin reported: Date: Sunday, Sept. 20th 2009. Time: 6pm - 8pm. Sunset: 7:10pm. Moonlag: 1 min (7:11pm). Binocular: 8x50
      We were a group of ten people and the sky was clear but near the horizon a little hazy. We could not see the moon/crescent.

  • India:

    1. Seen: Mohammed Mohsin Khan (MCW member) from Mumbai reported: Sunday 20 September 2009 / 29 Ramadaan 1430 in India. Here in Mumbai Sunset was at 06:37 p.m LT and Moonset was at 07:33 pm LT. So there was 56 mins difference, Sky was clear and Crescent has been sighted in Mumbai and in Most Parts of India. Official Moon-Sighting Committee have officially announced that Sunday 20 September 2009 was 29th Ramadaan 1430 and 1st Shawwaal 1430 will fall on Monday 21 September 2009. So Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on 21 September in India. EID Mubarak to All Muslims.

    2. Seen: Khalid Umer Maniar (MCW member) from Surat reported: Moon was sighted very clearly on sunday evening and we had Eid on Monday.

  • Indonesia:

    1. Seen: Mutoha Arkanuddin (MCW member) from Yogyakarta reported: This evening (20/9) the Crescent have visible with easily from my location 2nd floor Ash-Shobar Mosque Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It's easy visible by naked eye about five minutes after sunset and seen next few minutes before closed by clouds. This observation followed too by some jamiah masajid after maghrib praying. I have also taken the picture of crescentby my digicam.

  • Pakistan:

    1. Seen: Sultan Alam (MCW member) from Karachi reported: Sunday 20 September 2009 (29 Ramadhan 1430 in Pakistan) Easily seen countrywide On my request, Today (Sunday 20 September 2009 = 29 Ramadhan 1430 in Pakistan) many hundred persons (Members of the moon-sighting committees of our institute "JAMIA-TUR-RASHEED" + my friends + their companions) tried to sight the moon all over Pakistan and resultantly easily sighted the crescent at more than 25 places. As it was very cloudy in Karachi and some other places hence I and my other friends could not sight the moon in Karachi and some other places. At many places of Sarhad, the weather was clear but many observers could not sight the crescent, the reason may be non expertise of the observers and the low altitude of moon. It is also announced officially that tomorrow i.e. Monday is Eid in Pakistan.Chairman of central official moon-sighting committee of Pakistan "Mufti Munee-bur-Rahman" especially praised the efforts of Jamia-tur-Rasheed in his officially announcement. Alhamdolillah.

  • USA:

    1. Seen: Nadia Fatema from St. Albans, Vermont, USA reported: I have sighted the moon in St. Albans, VT.

      OFFICIAL Day of Eid-ul-Fitr in Different Countries

      September 19, 2009 (Saturday)

      1. Libya (Calculations)

      September 20, 2009 (Sunday)

      1. Albania
      2. Algeria (Follow Saudi)
      3. Argentina (Sighting)
      4. Australia (Sighting)
      5. Bahrian (Follow Saudi)
      6. Bosnia and Hercegovina (calculations)
      7. Bulgaria
      8. Chile (Sighting)
      9. China (Calculations)
      10. Germany (Follow Saudi)
      11. Guyana (Sighting)
      12. France (Follow Saudi)
      13. Indonesia (Calculations)
      14. Iraq (Sunnis:Follow Saudi)
      15. Jordan (Follow Saudi)
      16. Kenya (Sighting in other places)
      17. Kuwait (Follow Saudi)
      18. Lebanon (Follow Saudi)
      19. Libya (Calculations)
      20. Luxembourg (Follow Saudi)
      21. Malaysia (Calculations)
      22. Mozambique (Sighting)
      23. Netherlands (Follow Saudi)
      24. Norway (Calculations)
      25. Palestine (Follow Saudi)
      26. Panama (Sighting)
      27. Philippines (Follow Saudi)
      28. Qatar (Follow Saudi)
      29. Saudi Arabia (Calculations)
      30. Singapore (Calculations)
      31. Somalia (Follow Saudi)
      32. South Africa (Sighting)
      33. Spain (Follow Saudi)
      34. Sudan (Follow Saudi)
      35. Sweden (Follow Saudi)
      36. Syria (Follow Saudi)
      37. Tanzania (Sighting)
      38. Tunisia (Follow Saudi)
      39. Turkey (Calculations)
      40. U.A.E. (Follow Saudi)
      41. UK (Sighting from South Afria)
      42. USA (FCNA and ISNA decision by calculations)
      43. Yemen (Follow Saudi)

      September 21, 2009 (Monday):

      1. Bangladesh (sighting in own country)
      2. Brunei (sighting in own country)
      3. China (sighting in own country)
      4. Hong Kong (sighting in own country)
      5. India (sighting in own country)
      6. Iraq (Shi'aas)
      7. Mauritius (Sighting in own country)
      8. Morroco (sighting in own country)
      9. New Zealand (sighting in own country)
      10. Oman (sighting in own country)
      11. Pakistan (sighting in own country)
      12. Sri Lanka (sighting in own country)

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