Moonsighting for Jumada-al-Oola 1432
1432 AH

The Astronomical New Moon is on April 3, 2011 (Sunday) at 14:32 UT. On Sunday, April 3, it can not be seen anywhere in the world by naked eye. On Monday, April 4, 2011, it can be easily seen in Europe and North America, but with difficulty in Asia, Central Africa and Central South America (See visibility curves).

Sighting Reports

The earliest sighting of the new crescent was on April 4, 2011 from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sunday, 3 April 2011:

  • UK:

    1. Not Seen: Qamar Uddin (MCW member) from York reported: On Sunday 3 April 2011 (29 Rabi-ul Thani 1432 AH) many people from throughout UK have attempted to sight the crescent moon (Hilal) of Jumada Al-Awwal after sunset. None of the groups were able to sight the Hilal, even though some places had clear sky conditions.
      We have not received any reliable sighting news from countries east of UK or Morocco either. Message from Professor Abdelkhalek Cheddadi stated that the official decision by Moroccan Awqaf Ministry is negative sighting.
      Therefore, the Ulama (including Wifaq/Batley) have decided that the month of Rabi-ul Thani 1432 AH will complete 30 days and the month of Jumada Al-Awwal 1432 AH will start from Tuesday 5 April 2011, Insha-Allah.

    2. Not Seen: Aziz Raje (MCW member) from Ilford Essex reported: Negative sighting in the UK due to heavy clouds in the South. Although it was clear in the North we still had no sighting news. There are negative reports from Morocco and other countries east of UK. Wifaqul Ulama have decided that we will complete 30 days of Rabi ul Thani and the 1st day of Jumad ul Ula 1432 in the UK will be on Tuesday 5th April 2011 Insha Allah.

  • USA:

    1. Not Seen: Mohamedraza H.Janmohamed (MCW member) from Sanford FL reported: The Moonsighting Sub-committee wishes to inform the community that there were no reports of the sighting of the moon on Sunday, April 3, therefore, upon completion of 30 days of the month of Rabi-ul-Aakher, the 1st day of Jamadi-ul-Awwal is Tuesday, April 5th, 2011.

    Monday, 4 April 2011:

  • Canada:

    1. Not Seen (Cloudy): HiMY SYeD (MCW member) from Toronto Ontario reported: On Monday April 4, 2011, unfortunately due to overcast skies and rain, no sighting attempt was possible.

  • India:

    1. Not Seen: Iqbalhusen Bokda (MCW member) from Gujrat reported: Moon for Jumadal Ula has not been seen here in Godhra on 4th April, Monday. Some of my friends from other parts of India gave negative sighting reports. No positive report yet.

  • Netherlands:

    1. Seen: M.D. Karamatali (MCW member) from Lelystad reported: Moon is seen in Holland on April 4, 2011 by 4 or 5 person in Lelystad Almere and Amsterdam.

  • Nigeria:

    1. Not Seen: Sheik A.A. Ishola (MCW member) from Ikorodu, Lagos reported: We tried to seach for the Jumadal-Uulah Crescent this evening, Monday, April 4 at Jubilee Estate after Magrib but we were not able to sight it due to cloudness and I called my colleagues they also reported negative .

  • South Africa:

    1. Not Seen: Rashid Motala (MCW member) from Durban reported: The Hilaal was not sighted this evening, Monday, April 4 in S. Africa, although it was a +25 hour moon.

    2. Not Seen: Dr. Abdurrazak Ebrahim (MCW member) from Cape Town reported: The Hilaal was not sighted in Cape Town on this Monday evening (4/4/11 – end of 29 Rabi 2, 1432 AH). The official first day of Jamadi 1 will correspond to Wednesday, 6 April 2011.

  • UK:

    1. Seen: Qamar Uddin (MCW member) from York reported: On Monday 4 April 2011 (30 Rabi-ul Thani 1432 AH) the crescent moon (Hilal) of Jumada Al-Ula was sighted after sunset from York Astronomical Society Observatory at 20:40 BST .

  • USA:

    1. Not Seen (Cloudy): Javad Torabinejad (MCW member) from Blacksburg VA reported: This evening (Monday, April 04, 2011), because of an overcast condition in Blacksburg, VA, no crescent sighting was possible; I checked the horizon around sunset (sunset: 7:46 pm EDT and moonset: 9:06 pm). At 8:00 pm, the temperature, dew point, relative humidity, and pressure were 71.6 F, 46.4 F, 41%, and 29.64 in, respectively.

    2. Seen: Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Khokhar from Houston TX reported: Today, April 4, 2011 , Monday, I and a few friends saw the Jamada-ul-Oola Hilal after Salat-ul Maghrib at 20:05 CDT in Houston, TX. Sky conditions were as perfect as it could be, clear horizon, low humidity. Local sunset time 18:42 CDT, crescent orientation approximately 4 to 8 O'Clock. This Crescent is sighted without any effort and is expected to be easily seen coast to coast.

    3. Not Seen (Cloudy): Ms. Ruth Jeffery (MCW member) from Baton Rouge LA reported: No sighting possible in Baton Rouge, La., on April 4 due to completely overcast and stormy skies.

    4. Seen: Mohammed Yahya Shaikh (MCW member) from Anaheim CA reported: The hilal for Jumada-al-Oola was easily seen in Anaheim and Ontario CA on Monday April 4th 2011. It should have been easily seen by many in Los Angeles and Orange Counties as it was still visible after 8:00 PM PST.

    Tuesday, 5 April 2011:

  • Australia:

    1. Seen: Dr. Shabbir Ahmed (MCW member) Imam of Rooty Hill Mosque Sydney, NSW reported: The Hilaal of Jamaadiyul Oulaa 1432 has been sighted in Perth Austra;ia on 5th April, Tuesday. After receiving the confirmation of the moon being sighted, the Hilaal Committee and Majlisul Ulamaa’ of Australia have hence declared that the month of Jamaadiyul Oulaa 1432 will commence from Wednesday 6th April 2011.

    2. Seen: Engr Manzoor A Mian (MCW member) from Melbourne, VIC reported: We were unable to sight crescent yesterday in Melbourne despite clear sky, but it was sighted in other states. The crescent has been sighted in Perth, Tuesday, 5th April 2011 therefore Jummadil-Awwal will commence on Wednesday, 6th April 2011 in Australia.

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