Moonsighting for Dhul-Hijjah 1432
1432 AH

The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia announced on the evening of Thursday, the 29th of Dhul-Qi'dah 1432 H that by the testimony of several witnesses in a number of provinces tomorrow, Friday, the 28th of October 2011, is the first of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah 1432. Standing in Arafat on Saturday, the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah 1432, corresponding to the November 5, 2011. Eid al-Adha and 10th of Dhul-Hijjah 1432, will be on Sunday, November 6 2011.
Announced by Chairman and members of the Supreme Court:
President of the Supreme Court / Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz college, with the following Members: Dr. Saleh bin Abdulrahman Mohaimeed, Suleiman bin Abdulrahman Al-Samhan, Hamad bin Turki, Ahmed bin Abdulrahman, Abdulaziz Bin Saleh Al-Hamid, Shafi Bin Dhafer Hagbani, Suleiman bin Mohammed Al Moosa, Nasser Bin Ibrahim Al Habib, Ibn Mohammed Agheihb

The Astronomical New Moon is on October 26, 2011 (Wednesday) at 19:56 UT. On Oct 26 it can not be seen anywhere in the world. On Thursday, October 27, 2011, it can be easily seen in Southern Africa and South America, but with difficulty in Central Africa and Souther areas of North America. On October 28, it can be easily seen everywhere except very North Europe and Very North Asia (See visibility curves).

Sighting Reports

The earliest sighting of the new crescent was on Thursday, October 27, 2011 in Mauritius.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011:

    No sighting reports

Thursday, 27 October 2011:

  • Australia:

    1. Not Seen: Engr Manzoor A Mian (MCW member) from Melbourne, VIC reported: Melbourne horizen was cloudy Thursday evening on 27th Oct. 2011. We were unable to sight moon in Melbourne. It is reported that Brisban and Sydney also unable to sight.

    2. Not Seen: Gulam Qutbuddin Siddiqui on behalf of Dr. Shabbir Ahmed (MCW member) Imam of Rooty Hill Mosque Sydney, NSW reported: I wish to inform you that the hilal was not sighted anywhere in Australia on Thursday 27th October 2011. Therefore Dhul Hijja 1432(AH) commences here on Saturday 29th October 2011.

    3. Not Seen: Zahid Hafeez (MCW member) from Canberra, ACT reported: The crescent was not visible this evening on 27 October in Adelaide, South Australia due to heavy cloud cover and the fact that the crescent was only 14 hours old at sunset.

    4. Not Seen – Cloudy periods with a shower or two Habeeb Mohamed-Hussain (MCW member) from Gold Coast, QL reported with an update:
      Crescent not sighted anywhere in Australia. 1st Dhul Hijja 1432 will be on Saturday, 29th Inshallah. Eid ul-Adha will be on Monday, 7th November 2011 (10th Dhul Hijja).

    5. Not Seen: Engr Manzoor A Mian (MCW member) from Melbourne, VIC reported: Just to update you Crescent was not sighted yesterday 27/10/11 Thursday anywhere in Australia. Therefore 1st Zulhajjah is Saturday 29/10/2011 and Eid will be on Monday 7/11/2011 IA.

  • Barbados:

    1. Seen: Sulaiman Patel from Barbados reported: The new moon was sighted in Barbados today, Thursday. Inshallah Eid will be on Sunday 6th.

    2. Seen: Suleman Manjra (MCW member) reported: The moon to start Dhul-Hijjah 1432 was sighted in Barbados on the the evening of Thursday 27th October 2011.

  • Canada:

    1. Not Seen: HiMY SYeD (MCW member) from Toronto Ontario reported: Tonight I was running late and did not catch the Maghrib Iqama at the Dawah Centre on time. It allowed me to search for the new moon shortly after sunset while en route to my Maghrib prayers at the Dawah Centre. After salat, I again looked for the new moon, until 6:50 p.m. I did not see it.

  • Indonesia:

    1. Not Seen: AR Sugeng Riyadi (MCW member) from Surakarta, Java reported: On Thursday, October 27, 2011; The New Crescent of Dzulhijjah 1432 AH was NOT SEEN from Assalaam Observatory, The Islamic Modern School of ASSALAAM Sukoharjo-Surakarta-Central Java-Indonesia, because rainy and the sky was totally cloudy. We are about 80 persons from Solo Raya 'Kemenag' Forum, RHI Surakarta, Teachers and students of CASA (Assalaam Students Astronomy Club) and our brothers of moslem around the Boarding School.

    2. Not Seen: Ahmad I. Adjie (MCW member) from Bandung reported: I and team from Bandung Indonesia report that the Hilal for Dzulhijjah today after Maghrib was NOT SEEN despite clear skies around where the sun sets in the northern hills of Bandung. 1st of Dzulhijjah will therefore be on Saturday, 29 October 2011. We will sight and report again tomorrow. Note that many local calendars based on calculations state that tomorrow is the 1st.

  • Iran:

    1. Not Seen: Sheik A.A. Ishola (MCW member) from Tehran, Iran reported: The Crescent (Hilal) of Dhul-hijjah was not seen today. It is raining in Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran Today During my Tourism to Iran this week.

  • Kuwait:

    1. Not Seen: Hussain Khushaish (MCW member) from Kuwait reported: In Kuwait at Kabad desert 0n Thursday 27 Oct 2011 I could not see the crescent even with 8 " telescope,the weather was cloudy, hazy, and dusty that I could not even see Venus which I use to see since 2 weeks with naked eyes.

  • Malaysia:

    1. Not Seen: Firdaus Mazlan (MCW member) from Johor Bahru reported: On Thursday, 27th October 2011 M equal to 29 Dhul-Qi'dah 1432 H, I with my friend (around 35 people) have split up around all place in Malaysia.
      I cannot see the new moon either with telescope or with naked eye at Baitul Hilal, Teluk Kemang, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia (02:26:43.0 N , 101:51:16.0 E).
      My friends from other places like Muar (02:03:0 N , 102:34:0 E), Pontian Kechil (1:29:20.68 N , 103:23:08.60 E), Johor Bahru (1:38:0 N , 103:40:0 E), Kota Tinggi (01:44:0 N , 103:53:0 E) and Melaka (02:15:0 N , 102:15:0 E) also cannot see the new moon.
      However, based on Calculation (Hisab), our Government have announced the first Dhul-Hijjah 1432 H on 28th October 2011 M (Friday). Therefore, Eid-ul-Adha will be held on 6 th November 2011 M (Sunday).

  • Mauritius:

    1. Seen: Goolam Tegally (MCW member) from Port Louis reported: Hilal for Zhu’l Hijjah 1432 was sighted this evening Thursday 27 Oct here in Mauritius. 1st Dhu’l Hijjah 1432 will be Friday 28th October & we will be celebrating Eid-ul-Adha on Sunday 6 Nov. Eid Mubarak to all our Brothers & Sisters.

  • Morocco:

    1. Not Seen (Cloudy & Rainy): Ehsan H. Hajar (MCW member) from Casablanca reported: Unable to spot the new Hilal of Dhul-Hijjah 1432 due to cloudy and rainy weather, certainly Casablanca meteorological conditions did hamper possible sighting. Hope that southern Morocco had better conditions & probably might announce sighting. Please await Ministry news for official announcement.

  • Namibia:

    1. Seen: Ahmed Mohamed Barakah (MCW member) from Windhoek reported: The Hilaal was sighted this evening Thursday 27th Novemeber 2011 in the Windhoek Namibia. 3 brothers witnessed it at about 7.25 pm for aprrox 5-8 minutes. Therefore Eid-ul-Adha will be Sunday, 6th November. May Allah Most High accept the Haj of all the Hujjaj and grant them Haj Mabroor.

  • Pakistan:

    1. Not Seen: Hakeem Zafar Iqbal (MCW member) from Rawalpindi reported: Today on Thursday , Oct 27, 2011, We five Msuslms , we could not see the moon in Rawalpindi,Punjab,Pakistan. Skies were clear. we tried to look from 5:21pm to 5:52pm, but could not see the moon.

    2. Not Seen: Syed Muhammad Jafar Kharazmi (MCW member) from Islamabad, Pakistan reported: Today we tried to look for the new moon but it was unsuccessful.

  • Panama:

    1. Seen: Saleh Bhai Bhattay (MCW member) from Panama City reported: The moon has been seen in Panama on Thursday, October 27. Eid will be on 6th Novembar, inshaAllah. Please remember me in your prayers.

  • South Africa:

    1. Seen: Rashid Motala (MCW member) from South Africa reported: The Hilaal was sighted this evening in the Cape Town. Eid-ul-Adha will be Sunday, 6th November. May Allah Most High accept the Haj of all the Hujjaj and grant them Haj Mabroor.

    2. Not Seen (Overcast): Mahmood (Bhaai) Cassim (MCW member) from Johannesburg reported: Regret to inform you that sighting of the new moon of Zil-Hajj was not possible in Johannesburg as the sky was overcast. Cloud cover of approximately 90% before and after sunset tonight.

  • Tanzania:

    1. Seen: Hamza Rijal (MCW member) from Tiny Island of Zanzibar reported: In tinny island of Zanzibar we have observed the Hilal on Thursday, 27 Otober. Friday is the first day of Dhul Hija.

  • UK:

    1. Seen in South Africa: Qamar Uddin (MCW member) from York reported: On Thursday, 27 October 2011 (29 Dhul Qaidah 1432 AH) many people from throughout UK have attempted to sight the crescent moon (Hilal) of Dhul Hijjah after sunset. None of the groups were able to sight the Hilal, as many places were cloudy and some places were raining. However, we have received reliable/verified sighting reports (Muhaqaq-Ruyat-Basari) from South Africa (see email below).
      Therefore, the Wifaq/Batley Ulama have decided that the month of Dhul Qaidah 1432 AH will have 29 days and the month of Dhul Hijjah 1432 AH will start from Friday 28 October 2011, making Eid ul-Adha (10 Dhul Hijjah) to fall on Sunday, 6 November 2011, Insha-Allah.

    2. Seen in South Africa: Aziz Raje (MCW member) from Ilford Essex reported: We had cloudy skies in most of England on Thursday evening so we were not able to observe the Hilal of Dhul Hijjah. However we have received confirmation from South Africa of actual sighting. Wifaqul Ulama have therefore decided that we will commence the Month of Dhul Hijjah from Friday 28th October. Eid ul Adha in the UK will be on Sunday 6th Nov 2011 Insha Allah.

  • USA:

    1. Not Seen: Javad Torabinejad (MCW member) from Roanoke VA reported: This evening (Thursday, October 27, 2011), the crescent moon of Thul Hijjah was not sighted in Roanoke, VA. I arrived at my sighting location before sunset (sunset: 6:27 pm EDT) and started scanning the clear patches in a mostly cloudy western horizon using a pair of binoculars (7X50). I stayed there till the western horizon was completely covered by clouds, prior to moonset (moonset: 6:58 pm EDT). At 6:54 pm, the temperature, dew point, relative humidity, and pressure were 64.0 F, 52.0 F, 65%, and 29.81 in, respectively.

    2. Seen: Dr. Hussain Dashti (MCW member) from Gainesville FL reported: Today, October 27th 2011, I was able to sight the helal from Gainesville, Florida USA. The sunset was at 6:47, I was able to sight the helal with a 10X50 binocular at 6:55 then with naked eyes at 7:07. The helal disappeared behind the clouds at 7:15.

    3. Seen: Mohamedraza H.Janmohamed (MCW member) from Sanford FL reported: The Moon-sighting Sub-committee of Florida wishes to inform the community that the new crescent for the month was sighted on Thursday, October 27, 2011 in Boca Raton, Miami, Florida also. Therefore the 1st Day of Mahe Dhulhijjah, 1432 AH is established as FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 2011.

    4. Seen in various places: Gaithersburg Moonsighting Committee [GMC] from Maryland reported: Confirmed reliable reports of the new crescent moon (hilal) being sighted on Thursday evening (October 27th) by reliable moonsighters in several locations around the world including Iquique, Chile, Puebla, Mexico, and San Jose, California. There are also reliable reports from Florida, South Africa, and throughout the Caribbean.
      This marks the end of the month of Dhul-Qadah and the beginning of the sacred month of Dhu al-Hijjah, with its first day commencing on Friday, Oct. 28th. The day of Eid al-Adha will therefore be on Sunday, November 6th, 2011, insha'Allah
      Gaithersburg Moonsighting Committee [GMC] adheres to the traditional principle that Islamic lunar months begin and end based on the confirmed, verifiable sighting of the new crescent.

    5. Not Seen: Mir Omar Ali (Naaib Qazi, Khateeb and Imam, Qari) from Raleigh NC reported: On Thursday Oct 27th, 2011 Evening, Three persons attempted to sight the moon with binoculars and naked eyes. Clear horizon; "Negative Sighting".

    6. Not Seen (Cloudy): Hamid Quraishi (MCW member) from Winona MN reported: The weather in Winona, MN, was cloudy on Thursday, October 27, 2011. I could not sight the moon. I looked from 5:50 PM to 6:30 PM.

    7. Not Seen (Cloudy & Rain): Mohammad Majibur Rahman (MCW member) from Houston TX reported: On October 27, 2011, Sunset Time: 6:41 PM Local Time; Moonset Time: 7:22 PM Local Time; Sky Condition: Completely cloudy (with little rain).

    8. Seen w/binoculars: Mohammed Yahya Shaikh (MCW member) from Anaheim CA reported: Allhamdilillah the moon for Dhul Hijjah was seen by binos (10 X30 X 60) at 6:18 PM PST on October 27 2011 in Anaheim CA. The horns were between 1 and 5 O'clock. It was very thin and thus i was not able to see by naked eye. However, a decent photo of the moon is attached. I last saw the moon at 6:24 PM PST before i left my sighting station and would say it was probably about 4-6 deg above horizon.

Friday, 28 October 2011:

  • Fiji Islands:

    1. Seen: Muhammed Shamim Ali (MCW member) from Samabula Suva reported: The Fiji Muslim League advises its members that the new moon for the month of Zill Hajj has been sighted on Friday 28th Oct; therefore EID-UL-ADHA will Insha Allah be celebrated on Monday 7th November, 2011.

  • India:

    1. Seen: Khalid Umer Maniar (MCW member) from Surat, Gujrat reported: On Friday, Oct 28, moon was sighted easily soon after sunset. Eid would be on Monday, Nov 7, 2011.

    2. Seen: Abdussubhan Dadan (MCW Member) from Mumbai reported: Mumbai Jama Masjid Hilal Committee members (including me) sighted the moon after namaz-e-magrib. The sky was clear. So Mumbai Jama Masjid Hilal Committee has declared 29th October 2011 will be 1st Zil-Hajjah 1432 H and 7th November 2011 will be Eid-ul-Adha.

  • Pakistan:

    1. Seen: Hakeem Zafar Iqbal (MCW member) from Rawalpindi reported: Today on Friday , Oct 28, 2011, we (3 Muslims) saw the moon easily in Rawalpindi, Punjab,Pakistan around 5:32pm. There were Lightly clouds, but the moon appear very Clear.

    2. Seen: Syed Muhammad Jafar Kharazmi (MCW member) from Islamabad, Pakistan reported: Today 28th October between 5:30 to 6 pm we clearly observed the new moon of Dhulhijjat AlHaram. Brothers also accompanied me, syed Muhammad Husain, and professor Najaf Ali.

    3. Seen: Sultan Alam (MCW member) from Karachi reported: Today (Friday October 28, 2011= 29 Zul-Qa'dah 1432 in Pakistan) members of the moon sighting committees of Jamia-tur-Rasheed easily sighted the moon countrywide with an uncountable number of persons at more than 52 places. It was sighted 5 to 10 minutes before the sunset at some places by naked eyes. Dr Shahid Qureshi informed me from observatory of Karachi University that they sighted this moon via telescope 20 minutes before sunset.
      Also announced officially that Saturday October 29, 2011 is 1st Zul-Hijjah 1432 in Pakistan and Eidul-Adhha is on Monday November 7, 2011.

  • Saudi Arabia:

    1. Seen: Luqmaan Williams (MCW member) from Ta'if reported: Welcome Dhul Hijja. I spotted the hilal on Friday, October 28th in Ta'if, Saudi Arabia.

    OFFICIAL Day of Eid-al-Adha in Different Countries

    Sunday, 6 November 2011:

    1. Afghanistan (Follow Saudi)
    2. Albania (Follow Saudi)
    3. Armenia (Follow Saudi)
    4. Austria (Follow Saudi)
    5. Azerbaijan (Follow Saudi)
    6. Bahrian (Follow Saudi)
    7. Bangladesh (Some areas follow Saudi)
    8. Belgium (Follow Saudi)
    9. Bolivia (Follow Saudi)
    10. Bosnia and Hercegovina (Follow Saudi)
    11. Bulgaria (Follow Saudi)
    12. Canada - Fiqh Council of North America/Islamic Society of North America OR follow news from other countries
    13. Chechnia (Follow Saudi)
    14. Cosovo (Follow Saudi)
    15. Denmark (Follow Saudi)
    16. Egypt - Moon Born before sunset & moon sets at least 5 minutes after sunset
    17. Finland (Follow Saudi)
    18. France (Follow Saudi)
    19. Georgia (Follow Saudi)
    20. Hungary (Follow Saudi)
    21. Iceland (Follow Saudi)
    22. Iraq (Follow Saudi)
    23. Ireland (Follow Saudi)
    24. Italy (Follow Saudi)
    25. Jordan (Follow Saudi)
    26. Kazakhstan (Follow Saudi)
    27. Kuwait (Follow Saudi)
    28. Kyrgizstan (Follow Saudi)
    29. Lebanon (Follow Saudi)
    30. Luxembourg (Follow Saudi)
    31. Malaysia - Age > 8 hours, altitude > 2°, elongation > 3°
    32. Mauritania (Follow Saudi)
    33. Montenegro (Follow Saudi)
    34. Mauritius (Local Sighting)
    35. Netherlands (Follow Saudi)
    36. Norway (Follow Saudi)
    37. Palestine (Follow Saudi)
    38. Panama (Local Sighting)
    39. Philippines (Follow Saudi)
    40. Qatar (Follow Saudi)
    41. Romania (Follow Saudi)
    42. Russia (Follow Saudi)
    43. Saudi Arabia (Local Sighting - Official Announcement)
    44. Spain (Follow Saudi)
    45. Sudan (Follow Saudi)
    46. Sweden (Follow Saudi)
    47. Switzerland (Follow Saudi)
    48. Syria (Follow Saudi)
    49. Tajikistan (Follow Saudi)
    50. Taiwan (Follow Saudi)
    51. Tatarstan (Follow Saudi)
    52. Tunisia - Criteria of age, or altitude, or sunset-moonset lag
    53. Turkey - Altitude > 5°, elongation > 8°
    54. Turkmenistan (Follow Saudi)
    55. U.A.E. (Follow Saudi)
    56. UK (Sighting from South Africa)
    57. UK (Follow Saudi) [Coordination Committee of Major Islamic Centres and Mosques of London]
    58. USA - Fiqh Council of North America/Islamic Society of North America. (Follow Saudi)
    59. Uzbekistan (Follow Saudi)
    60. Yemen (Follow Saudi)

    Monday, 7 November 2011:

    1. Australia (Local Sighting)
    2. Bangladesh (One group - Local Sighting)
    3. Brunei (Local Sighting)
    4. Fiji Islands (Local Sighting)
    5. India (Local Sighting)
    6. Iran (Local Sighting)
    7. Morocco (Local Sighting)
    8. Pakistan (Local Sighting)
    9. Sri Lanka (Local Sighting)
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